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All MEMBERS Qualify for the TOP 10 Industry Leader Award and are given an award badge and placed on the top 10 search results by city and category. It does not matter the membership level as all our members are TOP members. Our TOP 10 members participate in our Xtreme Business Guide membership elements to learn, connect, share, and achieve. Each year we provide an industry leader award to those who participate by providing value content to educate and share their industry knowledge.  This includes:  how to guides, industry news, articles, blogs, photos, video, and audio.  Members can also share events, Coupons/DEALS, and are encourages to add new reviews for their business. See Industry Leader Award Member Requirements Email to view all details to qualify.  All members who receive this award show up 1st in search results during the year of the Award.  This award is available to all Annual Members, and BUSINESS, PRO, and ELITE Membership Levels.  You must be a member in order to qualify (access and verified listings are not members).   The award given is NOT based on how much a member pays but on how much a member does to provide value to their clients.  We are not an advertising firm we are a membership organization that rewards our members for being experts in their industry.

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CANCELLATION POLICY: We will never call you to sell any upgraded membership as we make options available to you at any time using your "upgrade" button inside your member profile log-in.  Members may upgrade at any time.   We offer Member Upgrade Options that are month-to-month or semi-annual for BUSINESS, PRO, & ELITE members with a 1 year commitment to help our members with a cost-effective monthly solution on products & services.  Should you cancel before the end of your term the remaining annual balance will be due at time of cancellation. Annual Membership fees and courses are non-refundable. We provide automatic renewal for monthly/semi/annual members who participate in any of our Membership Options. There are no refunds or partial credits for membership fees once a payment has been made. Xtreme Business Guide reserves the right to change terms and conditions at any time.  We suggest contacting us before participating in any upgrade member option.
All member products and courses are managed by www.XtremeBusinessGuide.com and can be accessed from your member dashboard.  Please feel free to Email Support @ Anytime with questions.  Please See Review Terms & Conditions at Checkout or Click Here to see the full terms and conditions.





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