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Wedding Coordination a "Job" or "Passion"

Wedding Coordination a

Being a wedding coordinator isn’t as easy of a job as you think.  Having Elite Wedding Coordination as part of the Elite Wedding Guide wasn’t just because we liked their name. Crystal Reeves at Elite Wedding Coordination has really helped us as well as the hundreds of brides she has helped throughout the years, so I wanted to share firsthand how amazing not just the company is but the person behind the company.  So I thought I would find out a little bit more about her job.

Crystal’s title is “Wedding Coordinator”, “DIY (do-it-yourself) Wedding Planner”, as well as being part of the family.  To top it all off this isn’t her job; this is her passion.  These days we all have a job to do and money to make but Crystal sees things a different way.  While she does have to keep the bills paid and she works very hard she has something special and unique.  If you are a DIY bride/couple this is the person you want in your corner for you. 

Crystal starts by first having a call or meeting with both the couple and sometimes Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom.  Lots of expert questions are asked to everyone but after the call or visit there is one key element she wants to find out about.  “What is your vision for your wedding day?” From start to finish Crystal helps you bring that vision to life and still manages to keep everyone in the family involved and happy.  From ideas to concepts, recommending the right wedding vendors is important to her to help bring their vision to life.

Crystal can spend anywhere from 4 months up to almost 2 years helping couples get ready for their big day.  The crazy thing is that she does her best to make sure that just because you are planning your own wedding your friends and family members do not have to work too much. “Having someone in charge really makes it so that the family can have their moment to help and be a part of it but a lot more moments to enjoy the day as well with their friends and family.”

Crystal is the go-to person on the wedding day. What does that mean?  When brides have the DIY yourself wedding they tend to forget that while you planned out your entire wedding things can get a little crazy on your wedding day with wedding vendors. There can be issues with the cake, catering, venue, florist, the Photobooth you got and then we throw in some emotions and it’s a whirlwind.  Let’s talk about getting things out of the car or back and forth trips from the bride and groom suite.  Little things you won’t think about while planning your wedding.

Instead of having family and friends all running around, trying come to you for answers and to fix or discuss all the things that are taking place, you can have Crystal to help. She knows her couples so well that by the wedding day there is just NO question.  And when there is she fixes things the way you would want them fixed.  It can be something as small as a silly little banner you wanted up somewhere that won’t stick in the place you wanted – she finds a place for it because you want it up.

Crystal just makes it happen from start to finish.  The phone calls, the questions, the worries, the fast follow-up and follow-through. I found out that organization is a skill wedding coordinators and planners must have. Crystal uses some online software that she built with Q & A and more details to help during the planning the process. 

She works with the Bride and the Mother of the Bride who sometimes ends up doing all the planning. So I found out that several MOBs have loved her just as much.

“Working with Crystal throughout the past several months was a wonderful experience. Her expertise, patience and professionalism were executed above my expectations. On the wedding day, I was able to turn it all over to her, and everything ran so smoothly. She kept the timeline closely monitored, was quick to improvise with the little girls, and kept everything on schedule without being pushy. Everything was just perfect! Thank you for taking over the details and letting us enjoy the day!”

It’s not just about experience or having a job to do.  With Crystal at Elite Wedding Coordination it’s about family; it’s about bringing the entire vision together and the emotional boost and worry free environment on your wedding day. 

Another huge, enthusiastic comment that stands out in her reviews is “BEST MONEY SPENT.”. Not just once but several times through the comments and review.  Crystal works with DIY Couples so she knows you are on a budget.  The things that she does are amazing and you just can’t get that kind of help anywhere else for her prices.  She doesn’t overcharge or undercharge for her work – she is fair.  Crystal has a partner Tessi who helps as well and what a great team!  If you need a lot done in a little amount of time these ladies work miracles and make for an outstanding team.  They have been working together now for over 3 years and just have it down.  Their experience shows.

 “But of all the $$ we spent for it, this one was by far the best value and provided the absolute best services”

“best money I spent on my entire wedding. “

“From months before the wedding to the day of and after they have 100% exceeded my expectations. I feel like they are now my dear friends and my wedding day wouldn't have been perfect if it wasn't for them. Best money spent!”

Elite Wedding Coordination serves Dallas, Fort Worth, and Surrounding Cities.  They have a Wedding Coordination Package and a Day of Services package.  The most popular has been their Day of Services package.  The Day of Services is extremely unique because you just can’t usually get that kind of planning and execution on your wedding day at these affordable prices. Not to mention knowing she is just a phone call, text, or email away from you the entire time.

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