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4 Quick Ceremony Tips

4 Quick Ceremony Tips

Here are a few of quick tips for having the BEST wedding Ceremony.

1.  Make sure you have a day-of-coordinator or someone there to help get your wedding party down the isle. This really helps - whatever you did at the rehearsal everyone seams to forget - have that that trust worthy professional to help.

2. You want an Officiant or Minister who does SEVERAL weddings.  Be sure they know your style - if you want a sermon - ask for one. If you don't let them know you do not want a sermon. Have them customize your ceremony to fit you both. 

3. Pick music that FITS you both! The Ceremony should be fun and while your mind is going a million different places -  something about have music that best fits you and your better half just makes it a little bit more relaxing and fun for BOTH you and your Guests.

4. Finally - your recessional - MAKE IT FUN! Happy - Get everyone ready for the FUN events about to began at your reception. They are all awaiting the party - Also when you pick something fun to exit to - it gets you even more excited about what you just accomplished as a couple.

There is tons of advice out there for ceremonies. These are just the few we found to focus on - the rest will fall into place the way it should.

Happy Planning!

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