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Fort Worth Wedding Photographer | A Stress Free guide to Wedding Photography

Fort Worth Wedding Photographer | A Stress Free guide to Wedding Photography

When I tell other people that I am a wedding photographer, I get a lot of comments like, "That must be really stressful." and "Do you see a lot of bridezillas?" I always quickly reply that I have never had a bridezilla and I absolutely love my job! I get to be around happy people that are in love, go to some of the most beautiful places and eat wedding cake (yum!) on a regular basis. I am always honored that my clients have chosen Kim Hayes Photography to be a part of their special day.

I have been blessed with wonderful clients, but I do have a process to ensure that the wedding day is as stress free as possible.

Here is my Stress Free guide to Wedding Photography:

1. Do an Engagement Session with us!

I can't stress this enough to my couples. This is a great opportunity for them to get to know me and David and see how we work. This especially helps the bride and groom to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and know what to expect from us on the wedding day.

2. Have Bridal Portraits Taken

I love having this relaxed time with the bride and maybe her mother or best friend! The bride puts so much effort into getting the perfect dress and accessories that this is the perfect opportunity to take beautiful portraits showing how stunning she is at this special time in her life. We create timeless bridal portraits that can be passed down for the generations to come. Again, the bride gets to know me better and how I work so that she will be completely at ease when I am photographing her on the wedding day. 

Also, she also gets to try out her complete outfit, jewelry, shoes, hair and makeup and figure out if anything needs to be changed before the big day.

3. Making your wedding day timeline

This is huge! Usually when I am meeting with the bride to give her the bridal portraits, we create a wedding day timeline. We talk about, arrival times, if they would like to see each other before the ceremony, when would be the best time to take the family portraits, the reception schedule and leaving time. We set everything up on an hourly schedule so that it can be sent out and everyone will know where to be at what time. I am very considerate with the brides wishes and make sure she is completely happy about this schedule because this is her day.

On the wedding day, I text the bride a good morning message. We arrive early. I bring the bride chocolate and a Neuro Bliss drink (its all natural, with chamomile and promotes calmness and focus). Because the timeline has been given out in advance, everyone should be on the same page as we begin a wonderful day!

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