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That Means It's Time to Try Something New

This is what makes us different!

When you become an Xtreme Business Guide Member you are able to showcase your business in any of our eliteGUIDES.  All MEMBERS show up 2nd in search results by category and location.  We reward our members the ability to show up 1st because they are doing what it takes to be Industry Leaders.  They LEARN, CONNECT, SHARE, and ACHIEVE results.

Be a lifetime learner! Our Members get 24/7 online training access to learn how to grow their business. With these quick courses. We help get members with the knowledge needed to getLOCAL, getSOCIAL, getMOBILE, getONLINE, and getSALES.  Over 100 new courses coming in 2018.  We can't wait!
Connect With Visitors online on any of our eliteGUIDES (wedding, entertainment, home).  Looks and Feels Like an Advertising Site but no one pays money to be at the top or to get a LEAD.  We feature members who participate providing valued content.  Visitors can connect directly with you via call to connect, sending you an request, or requesting special quotes using or quote service. 
We social share our members across a variety of social media groups and platforms with a direct link to your profile, eliteDEALS, Events, and Articles, Guides, or How to Blogs on your profile.  All members have access to be a part of our LIVE on FACEBOOK Work it Wednesdays Interview segment.  FREE article about you in our MEETourMEMBERS and INSIDER SECRETS sections.  Add Xtreme Features such as articles, blogs, how to guides, videos, photos, and much more to your profile to help our visitors  during their research process. We want to share our members and we want our members to share their knowledge, experience, and business information using our Xtreme Features.

Because we don't let you show up first because you paid more like those other advertising websites, we allow all of members to show up 2nd in ALL search results by Category, City, State, and Zip - this allows our visitor to find the closest business to their location need.  The only way you can show up first in the TOP 10 Search results is by qualifying for our INDUSTRY LEADER AWARD.  It's easy to qualify we just need you to do a few things to help visitors during the research process.  Once you join we will not only show you how - we will help you!  All members have access to 1 One-on-One Power Hour Consulting Hour each year to get direct consulting and coaching help that you just can not get anywhere else.  Ask Us about your sales, operations, website, social media, mobile, local presence, and a whole lot more.  Achieve Results with US.  

 So what are you waiting for? This is everything you need to run effective business, get new ideas for your business, and get found online!

As a member you have access to our continued help and support.  We provide ongoing help for your business as our members have access to a variety of membership resources to help our members learn, connect, share, and achieve results with us.  Feel free to schedule a phone appointment today.

We do allow NON-Members to add their listing by paying a one-time verified business listing fee. All industry listings on our website have been recommended or referred by another visitor, client, group, or business partner. Non-Member Verified Listings show up 3rd in search results and can have access to add features but do not have access to MEMBER benefits listed above.  

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